Web Design

Many small business owners want a website, but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars developing one. That’s where The Small Web Company comes in. we have helped hundreds of businesses like yours with small websites.

Like we always say, “Start Small, Grow Big!

Some samples:


This artist wanted a website he could maintain yet not mess up. The Small Web Co developed this site, so the artist is able to add images and change pricing without the need to call us.

A jeweller wanted a 2-page brochure duplicated on the web. Truly a small and effective website.

Real Estate

From a do-it-yourself home seller to a busy real estate agent, and even a home inspector, we have created many websites that sell homes.

Online Stores

Our systems are secure and robust enough for a store selling hundreds of items yet affordable enough for a store selling just a few.

Personal Sites
We host and write many personal sites and blogs. We can give you a place to rant, post wedding photos, ruminate, and let your hair down.

Restaurants / Nightclubs / Catering
(Coming Soon)

We wrote a prototype website for a clinician in just a few hours. It’s still running five years later. This electrician wanted his business card online, and this one wanted a little more.

We help out in the community. You can see some of our sites in action here and (more coming soon).